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Top 9 most dangerous 🐜 in the world

Hello friends, welcome to our website, our topic is today 9 most dangerous ants which is very cruel. There are around 12,000 ants species in this world.  Friends, today we are going to know about the ants which is the most dangerous.  If you want to know about ants, then read this article completely.  There are thousands of species of ants on this earth, but among them, only a few of the most dangerous ants are a few species.  Today we are going to know about those species which. is the most dangerous.

 Army ant 🐜

You may have come to know from the name itself that the ants have gone out in search of eating with their jungle and this army ant attacks together on its prey. These ants do not make their home in the same place as common ants.  These ants always roam, they do not have a lair and this army ant always lives in the jungle.

 Fire ant 🐜

These ants are very dangerous, these ants are afraid of these ants, this fire ant is destroying the common ants.  This fire ant developed in South America but these ants are more common in North America.  The body colour of these ants is red, hence they are called fire ant.

 Jack jumper ant 🐜

The species of these ants is very dangerous. It is named Myrmecia pilosula of ants, but people know it as Jack jumper ant. These ants are found in Australia. These ants specialize in very long jumps and these ants come from common ants.  I have grown a lot.

 Myrmeciinae 🐜 

These ants were found all over the world, but now these ants are found only in Africa, these ants kill a lot of life, it is very dangerous.  Therefore e.  Beware of ants.

 Green-head ant 🐜 

Green-head ant The species of these ants were discovered in 1958, these ants are green in colour.  These ants are found in all the states of Australia.  The length of these ants is 5 to 7 mm.  Due to these ants, there is considerable loss of farms in Australia.

 Bullet ant 🐜 

Bullet ant This is of Parasomnia clavata species, it is very poisonous.  They do not even ask for water to be harvested, Friends, if this ant is bitten by someone, it hurts a lot, it is mainly found in Australia.  A report states that more than 500 people have died due to its bite since 1990.

 Pony ant 🐜 

This ant is found mostly in Australia, and the sting of this ant is very painful.  It is one of the most dangerous ants ever.  These ants sting humans for a long time.  If not treated immediately after the bite of this ant, swelling and vomiting may occur.  And if you do not get treatment at the right time, you can also die.

 Green tree ant 🐜 

These ants are known as weaver ants or green ants. This ant is very dangerous. It likes to live on most green trees and it lives only on trees, the way of hunting them is completely different.  They trap small insects on the leaves and hunt them.

 Myrmica Rubra 🐜 

Myrmica Rubra It is also called European fire ant and common red ant. It is a species of the genus Myrica which is found throughout Europe.  These ants are very aggressive. These ants make their home under stones and fallen trees.  If someone attacks these ants, they attack them instead of fleeing, they are very aggressive.

 Dorylus 🐜 

Dorylus, also known as driver ants safari ants, is mainly ants found in Central and East Africa. It prefers to live in the jungle. These ants are found in Africa.

So, friends, this is a species of some ants, which is very dangerous, if you like this article, then you should share it and if you comment too, then thanks for the next article.

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