How to start a career in stenographer

How to start a career in stenography

Friends, there are many students who want to do a government job and also prepare for it, but many students prepare the examinations of doctors, engineers, lawyers and civil service.  There are also many students who have a good government job as a stenographer. This job would have been very good, but many students do not even know that there is such a job.  Friends, today you are going to tell you the complete information about stenography, what is a stenographer, how to become a stenographer, how to get a job, how much is salary, we are going to tell you in this article from today if you have this information  If you are a mother, we hope that you will read this article completely.  There are very few competitions in stenography, if you work hard and study well, then you can make a good career in this field.

 What is a stenographer

Friends Stenographer is the name of a post that writes Hindi or English language in a slug language in a very short time.  The stenographer's job is to write or type in colloquial or short-term in a short time any speech.  You must have seen the typewriter sitting in front of the judge in the court and whatever is said in the court, he types all the left in the typewriter is called a Stenographer.  A stenographer does not work only in the court and works in many places.


To become a stenographer it is necessary to have 12th pass and it is good to complete your graduation as well as 8th because graduation is also seen in many companies.  With this, you should have knowledge of computer, with it your typing speed should be good, your typing should be in Hindi, English language.

Syllabus & skill test

First of all, there is a return test, in which you are asked questions of General Knowledge, English.

In the skill test, you are checked for short handwriting and your typing speed is also seen.  This test is very hard, many candidates become discography in this test, due to which many of the Stenographer's vacancies remain empty.  You should focus more on the skill test.

 When is the exam pattern

You can find out when the Stenographer exam is done by visiting the SSC website as SSC conducts the Stenographer exam.

 Shorthand Speed & Typing Speed

Friends If you want to become a stenographer, then you will have to learn your English and Hindi language very well. Typing speed should be 40 minutes on English words and 100 words on shorthand for English writers.

And Hindi typewriter typing speed should be minutes on 35 words and minutes on shorthand 100 words.

How to study to become a stenographer

To pass the exam of Friends Stenographer, you will have to work very hard with good preparation, especially in your skill test because many students are spread in the skill test, with which you have to increase your reading skill.  If you want to do a group study, whatever your friends are preparing for Stenographer, then you have to do a group study with them and improve your skills.  You have to study for 3 to 4 hours every day.  And with this, you will get basic information about Stenographer from a good teacher and study, you will surely get success.

How much does a stenographer get to salary

Friends Stenographer's salary is 20,000 thousand to 25,000 thousand in the beginning and as you get work experience, your salary also increases.

So friends, if you find this article helpful in today's article, then definitely share it with your friends.  Now we meet with an interesting topic like this

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