How to start a career in Geography in India

How to start a career in Geography

Friends, if you like to know about mountains, river, sea, country, air, sky, all these, then you should make a career in Geography, Friends, the tip about the whole earth like sky, air and earth.  Complete information is called Geography.  Friends, if you want to make a career in Geography, then you can make a career in it.  Friends, today we are going to give you complete information about becoming Geography, which will benefit you a lot.  Friends, today we are going to tell you what is Geography, how to make a career in Geography, which course you can do after 12th to make a career in Geography, which one to make a career in Apollo Geography after your graduation  Should do the course, after doing the course of Geography, how will you get the job, how much is salary, we are going to tell you all today, so if you want to know the same information then read this article completely.

 What is geography

Geography is called Geography in Hindi and a geographic work has to be studied in detail about every living thing on the earth such as geographic sea creatures, mountains, forests.  Friends, becoming a geographic is not as easy as you are thinking, friends, to become a geographic you have to work hard and study.  If you want to know the earth in detail then this career is very good for you.

Course to become geographic after 12th
Friends, if you want to become a geographic, then you have to increase your reading ability because you have to read a lot of books.  And with this you have to get a good grip on the geography topic of your subject.  Now we know that after passing 12th one should do corner course to become a geographic.

 1: B.A in Geography

 2: B.A honors in Geography

Friends, you can do this course in your college, this course was conducted in many colleges.  This course is 3 years old, so choose one course
Course after graduation to become geographic
Friends, when you do your graduation with Geography, you have to do post graduation with this subject.  To become a geographic, there are two courses after graduation, this course is of two years.  You only have to do one.

 1: P.G geographic

 2: Master in geographic

Friends, you can also do diploma with this, the name of this course is PG diploma in geographical cartography. This course is of 1 year, if you do this course then you can benefit greatly from it.

 Where will get admission

Friends, many colleges offer courses in geography. You have to get admission in any recognized college near your city, make sure that you get admission in a good college because everything is dependent on your studies.

 What should be the skill in you

Friends, to become a geographic, you should have the ability to study well to become a geographer and with your course, you should have the ability to study.  Apart from this, you should have good communication skills, computer information.  And you have to be physically fit because a geographic may have to go anywhere and at any time.  In this work you may have to roam in the sea, and the forests.  Friends, this  should be with you only then you can become a successful geographic.

 How to get job

Friends, if you do the entire course of becoming geographic, then there is no shortage of job, if you have the skills then you can get a job in any government or private sector.  All you need is the right direction.  Meteorology, Environment, Disaster Management, Population Council, Airline Routes, such as department bombs can start their career.

 How much is geographic salary

Friends, a geographic is a very good salary.  Depending on whether you have got a job in government sector or private sector, if you get a job in private sector then you can get very good salary.  Initially, you get between 20,000 to 25,000 celebs and later your experience increases according to your experience and skill.

So friends, it was complete information about making a career in geography.  If you like this information, then eight of your friends should share this article and tell us how much information you have and the information you give to the person, then you will meet with any other article.

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