How to become a loco pilot in India

How to become a loco pilot?

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you how to become a loco pilot.  Everyone wants him to do such a thing in life that he can make a different identity in the world.  Every student has a different dream.  And students work very hard to fulfil that dream.  If someone wants to become a doctor, someone wants to make it.  And he wants to make many student train drivers ie loco pilots.  It is not too difficult to make a loco pilot, only you should know about the right direction and right studies.  Today, we are going to give you complete information about the train driver ie loco pilot, if you also want to know this information, then read this article completely.

 What is Loco Pilot?

Friends, we can go anywhere by train every day. If we have to go from one city to another, then we go by train. The train that we go to is a train driver called a loco pilot.  It is very easy to make friends loco pilot.

 Benefits of loco pilot

Friends, if you want to become a loco pilot ie a train driver, then you must definitely decide to become a loco pilot, if you become a loco pilot, then you have a lot of benefits, Friends, the first benefit is that you get a good salary and you just sit and train  Have to handle.  And the second benefit is that you get a house to live for free.  There are some similar benefits, but like these advantages, there are also some disadvantages, we are going to tell you this loss further.

Disadvantages of becoming a loco pilot

Friends, if you become a loco pilot, then you also have advantages and disadvantages, such as you do not have to sleep while driving a train because thousands of passengers trust you, if you fall asleep while driving a train, then a big accident can also happen.  And sometimes you have to walk the train at night also.  That is why you cannot sleep at night.

Educational Qualification for Loco Pilot

To make friends loco pilot, you have to pass 10th and 12th.  If you have done two years ITI after 10th, then it will be nice to sleep because friends mostly become ITO pilots by doing student ITI.  Even if you have not done your ITI, you can still become a train driver. Friends, anyone can become a loco pilot.  And this work is very easy.  Only SAPCO will have to work hard.

 Age limit for loco pilot

If you want to become a Loco Pilot, then your age should be 18 to 28 years, if your age is more than this, then you cannot give the exam of Loco Pilot.  If you fall in the SC / ST category, then you get five years more and OBC candidates get three years of age.

The selection process for Loco Pilot

In the recruitment of Loco Pilot, candidates have to pass two exams, CBT in the first phase and CVT in the second phase and a computer-based test.  Apart from this, document verification also takes place in the selection process.  You have to get all your documents verified, this is necessary.

 Syllabus for Loco Pilot

In the first phase, the candidate has 75 questions, you get 60 minutes for solving life.  In this, you are asked questions related to Math, General Intelligence, Research, General Science and General Awareness.  In the second phase of recruitment of Loco Pilot, the candidate has two parts exam.  In the first part, 100 questions related to Mathematics, General Intelligence, Reasoning, Basic Science, and Engineering General Awareness are asked from the candidate, you are given 90 minutes to solve the problem.  In the second part, 75 questions related to the trade subject are asked from the candidate.  You get 60 minutes to solve the gin.

Preparation tips for loco pilot exam

To top the loco pilot exam, read the daily newspaper.  So that your current affairs can be well prepared.  In the exam, you are given a certain time to solve the question paper.  That's why take care of time management as well.  Friends Loco Pilot exam is online, so prepare for the exam online.  You can also solve the online test series.  Solve the previous 2 to 4-year question papers.  This will make you understand the exam pattern better.  You can also use the short method to solve the questions in the Friends exam.  This saves you a lot of time in exams.

Friends, if you found this information a little useful, then share and comment on this article, whether you got the complete information about the loco pilot in this article or not, now you get it with another new post.
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