How to become a journalist after 12th

How to become a journalist

Friends, the work of a journalist in common language, collecting the various information and bringing it in front of people, is called a journalist.  Friends, a journalist has a lot of responsibility.  Nowadays, every dream is to make a career as a journalist.  Friends, the job of a journalist is to bring any event in front of people, to ask people of the country and the world, to interview any celebrities, it is the job of a journalist, if you want to become a journalist then this article is for you because today we  This article is going to tell you all the information about journalism.

What is journalism, what course is available to become a journalist, what will you have to do to become a journalist, what skills should you have, how much does a journalist have salary, today we are going to tell you if you too have this information  So read this article completely

 What is a journalist

Friends, there is a lot of difference between these two words. The job of a journalist is to take interviews of some big personalities and to reach the public of any mishap in the common language, which the journalist just sit at the office and report.  They call them journalists.

And the work of journalism is very risky because journalism, with its camera, reporting wherever the riots are happening, going to the border of the country and reporting it is called journalism.  The work of journalism is very risky.

Which people can become journalists.

Friends, people who dream that they have to become a journalist and they are also working in that direction, they can become journalists.  Apart from this, you should have communication skills, your personality should be good, English should be good, and your personality should be good with it.

The most important should be communication skills in you because a journalist always has the ability to speak, such as interviewing someone or informing people about any important news, for this, you must have communication skill.

Qualification to become a journalist

Friends, to become a journalist, you must have at least 12th pass. You can pass 12th from any stream.  To become a journalist, Stream Matter does not only require you to pass 12th, you need at least 50% mark in every subject in 12th.

Friends, to be a journalist, you should have good experience with qualification and ability to understand any event.

 Knowledge of language is important

Friends, if you want to make a career in this journalist's field, then you have to get a grip on Hindi, English and Marathi language.  Because news channels of this language also exist in India.  Friends, if you do not know this language then you have to learn these languages.  With this, your writing skills should be good.

Friends, to become a successful journalist with this, you should speak and understand a local language such as Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, etc. This will make it easier to do journalism.  Apart from this, you should also have computer knowledge and should also have knowledge of Hindi, English typing.

Friends, I would like to tell you that if you want to become a journalist then you should give the IIMC exam because if you pass this exam then you can become a very big journalist.

 course to become a journalist

Friends, here we are going to tell you which course you should do after passing 12th and which course you should do after graduation.

 Course after 12th

Friends, if you have recently passed 12th, then you should do the course given below.

  • bachelor of arts
  • bachelor of journalism & mass communication

In both these courses, you are given basic information about journalism.

 Course after graduation

You have two courses, the first diploma and second post-graduate diploma. You should do this course after graduation.  All these courses are of two years. After doing this course, you can get a job in any big news channel.

 How much is a journalist's salary

Friends are the salary rank of a journalist.  If you have just joined the job of a journalist, then your salary can be 15,000 to 20,000 thousand in the beginning.  As you will get work experience, so your salary increases, friends. The salary of a successful journalist is 50,000 to 70,000 thousand.

So, friends, that's all in today's article.  If you like this information, then share it with your friends.
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