How to become an IAS officer || all details, education, salary, etc.

How to become an IAS officer

Friends, IAS is called District Collector or District Officer in common language.  The IAS officer is considered the most representative officer in the country.  And its examination is considered to be the world's most difficult.  You can become District Collector (IAS) according to your hard work.  The election of a district officer to become a district collector depends on a lot of things.  But their intellectual level and subjectivity should also be good.  From the IAS exam to the interview, only the personality of the candidate improves.  For this you have to be a good person.  When it comes to the biggest officer of the country, then all this should be with you.

What is IAS

Friends District Collector (IAS) is an Indian officer of any district.  And the IAS officer is also called the owner of any district.  All the areas located in any district are under the jurisdiction of the District Collector (IAS).  And every small major decision (IAS) officer has to take in the district.

When did the educational qualification to become district collector

Friends, if you want to become a District Collector (IAS), then you must have at least 70% marks in 12th and your graduate.

 District Collector age limit

Age limit for becoming District Collector: -

To become an IAS, you must be 21 years to 32 years old.  If you fall in the SC / ST category, then your age should be 21 years to 35 years, the age limit for the scheduled caste tribe should be between 21 years to 37 years.  They are given a five-year exemption.

 IAS exam pattern

District officer examinations are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).  This is a civil service exam.  You can take this exam after graduating, friends, this exam is very difficult, so do not wait to graduate, after the 12th preparation of UPSC, you should also prepare for the examination of the civil service along with your graduation.  Will be of great benefit.  Friends, this exam is the examination of Grade 1 officer of India, so do not take that exam lightly, because this exam is very difficult.

The District Collector exam is in three stages.



You can prepare for the District Collector Preliminary Examination with your graduate studies.  There are two exams in this exam.  General Studies and aptitude both these papers are of 200 marks and they get two hours to solve this, when the exam is held in July and August.

 Second stage Mains exam

After getting success in the preliminary examination of the District Collector, you become eligible to take the main examination.  Only A and B have to pass in this paper.  Therefore, it is best that you keep watching the notifications issued by the UPSC as changes are often seen in it.  The mains exam takes place in January.

 Third stage interview

After getting success in both the examinations of the District Collector (IAS), it is most important that you and your post are selected on the basis of this interview.

How to prepare for the exam to become a District Collector

In every district of our country, such classes are established where government jobs are arranged.  You can join any coaching in your city, who decides to become a district collector.  Friends, if you join coaching then you get a lot of benefit from it.  It is not easy to become a District Collector (IAS), but it is not difficult either; only time and right direction is needed to study.  Friends, if you want to become a district collector, you will have to work hard and study for 15 to 20 hours every day.

 District Collector salary

Friends, the district collector's salary is between 50,000 and 90,000.  Also, it keeps on increasing according to ability.  This is how salary

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