How to Start a career in agriculture after graduation

How to start a career in agriculture

Friends, everyone's dream is that in today's government job, a doctor wants to become a lawyer, but there are some candidates who want to do something different from the crowd such as Agriculture.  Friends, you must know that our India is an agricultural country, hence agriculture is given more importance in our country.  Friends, in order to make a career in agriculture, you will have to obtain a lot of farm information.  You have to find fresh new techniques of farming.  Today we only depend on the fields because we get food only by cultivating.  That is why we have to make a lot of progress in the fields, that is why an Agriculture Officer is needed.  If you have the skills to do something new, then you can make your career in agriculture. In this article today, we are going to tell you how to make a career in agriculture, which courses should be done, what qualification you should have in this field.  We are going to tell you all the information about how much salary can be found if you want to make a career in agriculture, then you need to know this.

What is Agriculture

Friends, chances are very high in the career of agriculture.  Friends, our country is an agricultural country, about 70% of the people of India cultivate and feed themselves.  Friends, jobs in agriculture can be found very easily.  Many students want to pursue a career in agriculture.  Friends, you get all the farm information in Agriculture like how to grow good grains in the fields.  And how do modern farming?  If SP makes a career in it, then you can give a good identity and good salary in society.

What should be eligibility

Friends, if you want to make a career in Agriculture, then you must pass your 12th science stream, Friends, after passing 12th, you have to take admission in bachelor of science agriculture which is a 4-year course.

After doing this course, you should do this course of Master of Science agriculture. If you have done a bachelor of science agriculture course, it is not necessary that you can do this course of Master of Science agriculture even without this you can get a job.  If you do a Master of science agriculture course then there are more jobs for you.

Where is the admission for agriculture
Friends, you can take admission in the agriculture college of your city too.  You can do this course by taking admission to the renowned agricultural college in your city.

  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute Delhi
  • Acharya NG Range Agricultural College Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
  • Agricultural School Udaipur
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajendra Agricultural College Puma Bihar
  • Rajasthan Agricultural College Bikaner
  • Where to get a job

Friends, after doing all the courses in agriculture, you can get a job in any private or government sector.  We will tell you some company names in which you can get a job.

 1: sugar mil
 2: food corporation of India
 3: bank
 4: research institute
 5: agriculture insurance company
 6: agro-industry
 7: agriculture marketing
 8: microfinance institution
 9: fertilizer companies

What will be your job profile after getting the job

Friends, when you get the job of agriculture, everyone has different profiles such as

  •  Agriculture officer
  •  Agricultural research scientist
  •  Assistant plant manager
  •  Agriculture Technician
  •  Agriculture development officer
  •  Marketing executive
  •  Business development executive
  •  Seed technologist
  •  Rico breeder
  •  Junior associate research
  •  Junior agriculture specialist

You can get one of these posts according to your skill and ability.

 How much is salary

Friends, when you talk about salary, you have very good salary in it.  You are salary according to your ability and skill, you can have anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000 salary in starting.

Friends, today we have told all the information from becoming an agriculture officer to salary if you have any related questions related to this article, then let us know in the comment.  We will try our best to answer your question.  If you find this article helpful, then share it with your friends.

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