How to become a CBI officer

How to become a CBI officer

Hello friends, in today's post, we are going to know how to become a CBI officer.  Friends, becoming a CBI officer is very difficult but not impossible.  If you also want to become a CBI officer, then you should read this post, Friends, everyone wants to get admitted in CBI.  And people are also planning to become CBI officers.  When everyone wants to join, but cannot join because the exam of CBI is very hard, friends, good salary and good name are found in CBI.  The work of CBI is very different CBI works for the sur 5 of the country.  Friends, if you also want to become a CBI officer, today what you have to do to become a CBI officer, what exam you have to take, what should be the age, I am going to tell you about all these.  If you want to join CBI then you should read this article.

 What is CBI?

Friends, before becoming a CBI officer, you have to know what CBI is?  Friends CBI has the full form "Central Bureau of Investigation", it was established in 1941.  It is India's most important agency, CBI handles case 3 of very large criminal.  CBI investigates every type of case. CBI is headquartered in Delhi.

Qualification to become a CBI officer

Friends, to become a CBI officer, you must have 12 passes And you must also be a graduate and you must be an Indian citizen.  To become a CBI officer, you must pass the CGPE exam.  Which is determined by SSC.

What should be your age to become a CBI officer.

Friends, to become a CBI officer, your age should be 20 to 27 years in the month in which you are filling the CBI exam form.

 If you come in an sc st cast then your age should be 20 to 32 years.

Physical test to become a CBI officer

Friends, there are two physical tests to become a CBI officer.  One is the Physical Standard, also called the Minimum and the other is the SSC Physical Test in which the test of height and chest.

 Physical standard test

The height of the male candidate should be 157.5 cms and the chest 81 cms.

Female candidate height should be 152 cms and weight 48 kgs.

 SSC physical test

 In this test, the candidate has a running and cycling test.

Male candidates have to walk 1600 meters in 15 minutes and cycling 8 minutes

 Female candidates have to walk 1 km in 20 minutes and cycling 3 km in 25 minutes.

How is the selection of the CBI officer?

The selection process of friends CBI is of two types, one is direct recruitment and the other is recruitment on deputation.

First, know what is deputation recruitment, friends, if anyone is already working in any police department, then deputation is recruited for the recruitment of those people.  And we have to clear the exam by clearing the exam, CBI exam is of 200 marks, you are given 2 hours time to solve it and if you answer any of your questions incorrectly, then you will get some marks cut, that's why CBI  In the exam, only w questions should be answered.  Candidates have two exams, after passing both exams, there is an interview of the candidate.

 How much salary is in CBI?

Friends,everyone gets a salary according to their rank in CBI.

 CBI rank list

  •  Constable
  •  Sub-inspector
  •  Assistant sub-inspector
  •  Inspector
  •  Additional superintendent of police
  •  superintendent of police
  •  Senior superintendent of police
  •  Deputy inspector general of police
  •  Additional director
  •  Joint director
  •  Special director

Read this subject to pass the CBI exam

Friends, to pass the exam of CBI, you have to study History, Economics, Science, General Knowledge in Subject.  In this way, you can become a CBI officer.

 Some tips for CBI exam

The larger the friends, the more computation occurs.  If you have to pass this exam and want to become a CBI officer then follow these tips.

 1: You read the newspaper every day and submit information about current affairs.

 2: When the books are falling, mark them by whatever point important you have.

 3: You (SSC) try to solve them by taking exam paper of last few years of cgl.

 4: Read different books every day.

5: increase your self-confidence while speaking in front of anyone.  And try to speak on stage.

So friends, if you like this article in today's post, then share and comment and give us your suggestions.
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