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how to send voice messages on WhatsApp

how to send voice messages on WhatsApp

Hello friends, today's article is about to tell you how to send a message on WhatsApp. If you also want to know how to send whispered messages on WhatsApp, then read this article fully.
Whatsapp voice message allows you to communicate with and communicate with groups.Whatsapp's messaging allows you to message in a short time, through Whatsapp Wisdom, you can send messages by speaking with your mouth.  You can send messages very importantly through WhatsApp message and send messages very quickly.

Step 1: 

You can open your Whatsapp chat.

Step 2:

Click on the microphone button and hold your finger mic button and start speaking.  Whatever you want to tell through the voice message, speak. mic button in the right side corner, by clicking on it you can send the message.

Step 3:

Once your voice message is over, you remove your finger from the microphone.  And the voice message will be automatically sent.

Note: When recording a voice message, you can slide mic to the left if you want to cancel it.

Note: sending longer message in whatsApp use this method

If you want to send langer message then you click voice recording button and swip up. And you send fingur free message.

How can you listen or see the voice message you sent or received.

To listen to whatever voice message you've sent, you have to click on tap to play.  You can see if the voice message you sent is correct or not.  You can hear the message through earphone or through the speaker.

How can you see the voice message you received 

  1. A green microphone  on voice messages you haven't played.
  2. A blue microphone  on voice messages you've already played

 How will you see the message you sent to others.

  1. If you have sent a voice message to someone but the person did not see your voice message then in this situation you will see the gray color.
  2. You have sent a voice message to someone and if you have heard or seen your voice message, you will see mic blue color.

In this way, you can send a voice message on WhatsApp.

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