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How to delete WhatsApp Status

How to delete WhatsApp Status

Hello friends, today we are going to know how to delete WhatsApp status. Deleting WhatsApp Status is very easy. WhatsApp status allows you to share videos, gifs, photos.  Whichever WhatsApp status you have, it appears in your friends' WhatsApp for 24 hours and then disappears. You can see others' Whatsapp status and you can also save in mobile. 
You can delete WhatsApp status by following a few steps.

Step 1:

You open your Whatsapp app.

Step 2:

After opening the Whatsapp app you can click on the status option. And then click 3 dots in the side of my status. How to do it You have been shown in the image below.

Step 3:

After clicking 3 dots you will see all the status you have. Select that status and click on Delete button

In this way, you can delete WhatsApp status.

How can you see WhatsApp status?

If you want to see any WhatsApp status, then you have to tab on status.

If you want to reply to any WhatsApp status or to send a message to WhatsApp  status, then after you tab on status, you will see WhatsApp Status, by clicking on it, you can see WhatsApp Status and click reply to send it to the message  Can also do

 How to create and send WhatsApp Status

 To create WhatsApp Status you have to click on the status and you have to click on the pencil icon in the right-hand side below.  By clicking on it you can create WhatsApp Status.
 After clicking on the pencil, you will see the text, emoji, colour button below, click on it and you can create WhatsApp Status.

 If you want to create video, images or gif's WhatsApp app, you can create a by clicking on the camera.

 How to forward your Whatsapp status

 To forward your Whatsapp status, you have to click on status and click on ••• on the status of your status, again and again, ••• Click on the dots and click on the word.

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