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What is a Facebook page?

What is a Facebook page?

Facebook page is a public or public profile that works for the business brand of celebrities, as is the case with your personal profile, Facebook pages are fans of.

What is the need of Facebook page?

           On the page can be countless stuck on the Facebook page, when only 5000 of Facebook profiles are friends. You can create a community of your friends through the subconscious page. They can continuously communicate with you.  
                   You can learn a lot from your fans' liking. This is how the actor makes contact with his fans from his Facebook page. Giving information, the player tells his fans about his emails on his Facebook page, music by putting his songs on his Facebook page so that his fans can sing his songs. 
           company and brand to advertise their products on your Facebook page organization seeking o social or political are Fehling by their Facebook page using Facebook to Invite people to your event Now you might have gone to find out what a Facebook page is.

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