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How To Recover Gmail Password

How to recover Gmail password

Hello friends In today's post, I'm going to tell you how to recover Gmail password easy way. If you want to know how to create recover Gmail password. So read this post fully.
Step 1:

Open your Gmail app.

Step 2:
First, you Click 3 lines your left-hand side corner then you click on add account.
Like this.

Step 3:
Find out google option and click this.
Wiche shows on under image.

Step 4:
You put wich Gmail password recovering and click next.

Step 5:
At this stage, you have to enter your Gmail password but you have forgotten your Gmail password, so you have to click on forgot password button.

Step 6:
And this stage you click try another way
Like this...

Step 7:
At this point, you have to change your Gmail password. To change the Gmail password, you get 2 options. 

1 Option:
You can recover the Gmail password by clicking on the text. In this, you get the verification code on the mobile number you entered when creating your Gmail account. That code has to be given to you to change your Gmail password.

2 Option:
You can get the Verification Code by clicking on the call. This brings you a call from a Gmail team. These two options are waiters. But it would be better if you click the First Option.

Step 8:
Put your verification code and click next.

Step 9:
After clicking the next option. You put your new G-mail password.

Step 10:
You click the agree button.

Then finally changed your G-mail password how to recover Gmail password you link this article please comment your thoughts

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