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How To Change Background On WhatsApp

how to change the background on WhatsApp

Hello friends In this post of today, we are going to know how to change the background in WhatsApp.In WhatsApp, you can change your background by changing your background. It is very easy to change the background in WhatsApp. Only you have to follow the steps mentioned below. To learn how to apply your photos in the background to Whatsapp, read the article. 
Step 1: 

You have to go to your WhatsApp. 

Step 2:

After going to Whatsapp, you have to go to the setting by clicking on the 3 dots appearing in the right side corner. Which is shown to you through the photos below.

Step 3:

After switching to Whatsapp settings you have to click on the chats. Which has been shown to you below

Step 4:

After clicking on Chats, you have to click on the wallpaper option below.

Step 5:

After clicking on the wallpaper, you have to select your gallery and put your image in it.

Step 6:

After selecting the image you have to click set.

By following these steps, you can change the background of your WhatsApp. 

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