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How to Create a Gmail Account

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How to create a Gmail account

Hi companions In the present post, I am will disclose to you how to make a Gmail account. In the event that you need to realize how to create a Gmail account. So read this post completely. 
Stage 1:

To make a new Gmail account, you 
Open your Chrome browser.

Stage 2:

Presently you open the under the link in chrome browser.

Stage 3: 

Now you have to convert your mobile in desktop mode to create a new Gmail account. For this, you have to click the three-dot in the right side corner and click on the desktop site.
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Stage 4:

To create a new Gmail account, you have to click on create an account.

Stage 5: first name and last name

In this step, you have to enter your first name and last name.

Note: Do not enter the name of anyone you are creating a Gmail account, enter your real name.

Stage 6: username 

At this stage, you have to type your Gmail id which you want to keep the name.
Often it happens that you do not want to have the name of your Gmail id o available. In this situation, you enter the number in your name.

Retention is is already taken.
Include some 

Stage 7: password

You have to put the password for your Gmail account. Keep a password that you remember. And click on next.

Note: You can never enter your date of birth, mobile number, your name in the password.

Stage 8: mobile number

At this stage, you need to enter your mobile number. Which is available on your mobile. Why Verification OTP goes ahead that mobile number. 

Stage 9: date of birth

To make a Gmail account, you need to include your date of birth. put your genuine age. 

Stage 10: select Gender 

At this stage, you have to select your gender. If you are male then male is select, and if you select female then female and click next button.

Stage 11: send OTP

After next you will see a page like this, at this stop, you have to click on send. After clicking on the Send button, you will get a Verification message, you will get a Six digit number.
Stage 12: 

You will get a confirmation OTP on the portable number you entered as a Gmail account. You have to confirm your Gmail account by putting that OTP in the confirmation box. 
Stage 13:

This is the last stop to make a Gmail account. In this, you need to tap on skip. What's more, your Gmail record will be prepared. Presently you can utilize this Gmail id anyplace. 
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